handmade cloth


hours of peace!

C L O T H  –

Creating Love Of The Handmade

CLOTH encompasses all the crafts that I love to use to create different textiles. I spin to knit and to lay in my felt work, I knit because I do and I enjoy it even though the thought of knitting a jumper for my 15 yr old son is a lot more daunting than when he was 5! I crochet with the wool I use to wrap my fabric in the dye pot.

I felt in the cooler months because I love the ‘magic’ of felting – creating a textile, whether shaped into a hat or a bag or a beautiful stole from fine merino fleece, it really is like magic.

The dye pot, the natural dye process from collecting the leaves, finding the treasure of a beautiful linen shirt at the op shop to laying out the leaves, wrapping and brewing the bundle it all has an ancient feel of some type of alchemy.

It is a slow process as are all of the crafts that i love but that is the point, to slow down to be in the present in this incredibly hectic world that we live in.

And last but not least the hand stitching, it is my meditation, the saviour of my soul to be able to sit and stitch whether it be in the evening, waiting in the car for the kids after school or a special treat down by the river.

I love C L O T H !


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